What can you do with £1? Actually quite a lot. This is a great one, here’s how to invest £1, get loads of free shares and either sell them or have some fun. A definite Spend Smarter idea.

£1 seems to have lost its value, it’s only a pound. We tip our Uber Eats driver more than £1 and it won’t even buy you a coffee in most places.  So next in this series is a great one. Invest £1 and turn it into real money, share it with your friends so they make money too. Add some fun along the way.

Get a free share when you deposit £1

You may have seen ‘get a free share’ around alot and like me didn’t bother doing anything about it. I know nothing about investing. Plus there’s always a catch right? Surely you don’t get anything for free. So I thought I’d check it out to see exactly what the catch was.

Well there is no catch, you even get your £1 back and much more. I have £94 in my account that I can withdraw or leave invested.

This is what I did and you can do the same

Click on this free share link, it is my personal invite for you to join and get your free share. I’ll put the link further down too so you can read through this first.

When these links are all gone, USE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST

Then you sign up to Trading 212 and deposit £1 and you get your free share, I’ll get a free share too.

  • You will need your National Insurance number to create the account
  • Tick account type ‘invest’ (middle one)
  • You deposit £1
  • Your free share arrives in your account within 24 hours (though ours have always been instantly or 1 hour max)
  • Your free share can be worth anything up top £100. Ours have been between £8 and £12.
  • You can invite 10 friends so 10 extra free shares

Then you invite your friends. Free share for them, free share for you.

What do you do with your free shares?

Now you have options and this is where you can take the money or leave it in and have some fun.

Cash in your shares

My youngest son Robbie shared his link with 4 friends and ended up with shares including Ford and Ocado. Plus he got an 11p dividend from a Ford share, great timing. He waited a week and withdrew the money including his original £1. He withdrew £77. Yep his original £1 magically became £77. Brilliant.

Have some fun with your portfolio

This is what I did as I wanted to find out what was possible. I enjoy being an Investor and decided to play around. I wanted to make my investments more ‘me’ so I sold my Ocado and Ford Shares (still got the dividends, must have unwittingly timed that perfectly!) And I bought shares that reflected me.

This was before the COVID crash by the way, I still have the same shares. I looked at Tesla and Boeing, IAG and Virgin Galactic. The shares cost loads but here’s the great thing. You don’t have to buy a whole share. I now invest in all these Companies and others. Here is some of what I own.

  • Boeing 0.08 of a share
  • IAG 3 shares
  • Tesla 0.013 of a share
  • Virgin Galactic 0.4 of a share
  • Costco 0.05 of a share
  • Cineworld Group 25 shares
  • Microsoft 0.2 of a share

This makes me chuckle, it’s a real Small Joy. Every day I check on the Trading 212 app to see what my investments are doing. I had (again unwittingly) timed Tesla perfectly and my Investment shot up. Now with the COVID, most of the shares value have bombed. My 0.08 shares in Boeing are now worth £8.34 a drop of £11.09, ouch.

If this crash hadn’t have happened my portfolio would have been worth £10 more. Glad it was free money, not my own money. Technically it was my money I guess but I’ve had 2 months of enjoyment from this so am not complaining.

Started with £1

The perfect time to get your free shares

Yes this is the perfect time to invest. Whatever free shares you get now will be at rock bottom prices and will increase in value. You can sell them and buy what you want. Become an investor and try and figure out the markets. I am definitely keeping mine and am going to learn more about investing as this is the perfect time.

Here is the link to get your free share again, we only have 10 left so drop me a comment if you miss out, I can ask other Money Bloggers for their invites and update. Enjoy. MORE LINKS AT BOTTOM OF THE POST

As a UK Money Blogger, the first place I look for any financial advice is the Money Blogger Community and I am going to start with this free course from our Investing Financial Expert Simon.

Let me know where your £1 takes you and keep an eye out for more All for £1 and £1 for all ideas. Including this fab Flights to Europe for £1 one. Hope this will still be available when the World reopens.

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  1. I have set up trading account and deposited my £1, around 2 hours ago and still no free shares.. are the shares issued limited or maybe I’ve missed out.

    1. Hi Maxine, they do say allow 24 hours, though ours have always come through quicker. As long as you have deposited your £1 it will turn up. Let me know if not, I can chase them. All the best, Tracy

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