How can you get at least 5% cashback on your spending? In the last month we earned £288 cashback, that’s over 15%. Spend Smarter with cashback. 

We never pay ‘full price’ for anything. There are always, discounts, freebies and cashback to be found. Here we show you how to get the maximum cashback possible.

We are huge fans of Airmiles and use our Amex gold and British Airways cards to maximise our miles and vouchers. With all our cancelled travel, we are not sitting on a huge pile of Airmiles with no way of spending them in the foreseeable future so we have switched our spending to a new card.

Amex cashback credit cards

There are two Amex cashback cards. Look at how much you are likely to spend and then you can decide which one suits you best. If you are going to spend over £2500 in the first 6 months then the second card is definitely best.

Like the Air Miles rewards cards (and any credit cards) always pay off IN FULL to avoid paying horrendous interest.

Both cards include travel insurance for travel paid for on the card and also purchase protection.

The American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday Card.

  • Free – no annual fee
  • 5% bonus cashback when you spend £2000 in the first 6 months.
  • Up to £100 bonus cashback
  • So your first £2000 spend will earn you £100
  • Then 0.5% cashback on further spends up to £5k
  • Then 1% cashback on spends over £5k
  • There is no cap on cashback.
  • You must spend £3k in a year to get any cashback
  • Cashback is credited to your card.
  • £25 bonus on your first £1 spend using this link
  • Refer friends for £30 bonus for you, £25 for them

The American Express Platinum Cashback Card.

  • Annual fee is £25
  • 5% bonus cashback when you spend £2500 in the first 6 months.
  • Up to £125 bonus cashback.
  • So your first £2500 spend will earn you £125
  • Then 1% cashback on further spends up to £10k
  • Then 1.25% cashback on spends over £10k
  • There is no cap on cashback.
  • You must spend £3k in a year to get any cashback
  • Cashback is credited to your card.
  • £25 bonus on your first £1 spend using this link
  • Refer friends for £30 bonus for you, £25 for them

Whilst Amex is not accepted everywhere, most of the larger chains and all of the holiday companies / Airlines do accept it. Not B&Q for some reason. Most of the places we shop accept Amex, from Tesco to our local butcher. Plus you can link it to your Paypal account which adds more options.

The only other cashback credit card at the moment is from Barclaycard which is offering 0.25% cashback. That’s £5 on £2000 spend. Not worth bothering about.


Next – use cashback websites

If you are going to spend money on ANYTHING make sure you check the cashback websites first. Cashback can be earnt in a few ways.

  • Sign up bonuses. If you don’t already have an account then make sure you sign up with a bonus. Like the Quidco sign up bonus here.
  • Referral bonuses. If you already have an account, log onto it and refer a friend, that gives you both extra cashback.
  • Percentage cashback. This is most common for example 12.8% cashback of Tommy Hilfiger at the moment or 4% cashback at Nike.
  • Flash bonuses Today TopCashback has an extra £2 off a £10 spend and there are often weekend or special event bonuses.
  • Flash sales. There’s usually a daily special. Like 24% cashback at Viking.
  • Fixed amount cashback Like £50 cashback with Car insurance or £60 back on certain mobile phones.

What are the main cashback sites?

The main UK cashback sites – and you can use my referral links – are Quidco, TopCashback and MyMoneyPocket. All of these sites have different deals and rates which change regularly. It may take a little time but by making sure you find the best deal really does make it worth it.

To make comparing cashback easier bookmark CashbackAngel. I love this site. It compares the cashback sites and the shopping portals for earning Air Miles. Check out our full review of CashbackAngel here and you’ll see why we love it.


How do you get the cashback?

Cashback earned from cashback websites like Quidco or Topcashback is not instant, not even quick. You are best forgetting about it for a few months. It takes time to track and for it to appear in your account, at best a month, usually 3 months, sometimes longer. If I booked a Hotel now for travel next year then that cashback would be available AFTER my stay.

When the Cashback is available in your account you can chose to withdraw it in a few ways.

  • Transfer into your bank account. Within 3 working days
  • Gift cards and vouchers. You get an increased amount if you take in vouchers, this varies by merchant. eg your £50 cashback could be taken as £62.50 in Virgin Experience vouchers or £52.50 on a Waitrose gift card
  • Air Miles. Yep you can convert that £50 to Air Miles. Not necessary at the moment!

How to use the Amex cashback credit cards and cashback sites for maximum cashback.

This is what we have done over the last few weeks. Timing is everything. I knew the printer I needed and waited until a great cashback deal came up. Same with the phone. I reckon it has taken 2 hours to make sure I’ve got the best deals. Most of that was searching for car insurance though – there are a lot of offers, some with higher cashback and higher annual cost so its taken a bit of time. I uses Cashbackangel which definitely saved a lot of time.

Here’s a little table showing what those 2 hours has earned me in cashback from Amex and Cashback sites.

New phone and case48924.45 70.00
Car Insurance32616.3035.00
DIY (Wickes)1266.30 2.20
Cashback bonus0 2.00
Printer and ink29514.7570.80
Refer a friend bonus0010.00
Nike 1306.50 5.20
Other shopping50025 0
So that’s cashback earned £288.50

Cashback earned is £288.50 on a spend of £1866. That’s over 15%

or look at it another way.

Or 2 hours work for £144.25 an hour

That will go towards our next Cyprus trip.


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