Mind over Money Matters shows you how you can spend your money. That’s money you would spend anyway, in a way that maximises value and maximises Joy.

Spend Smarter and Travel Smarter

We share with you easy ways to make the most out of the money you spend in your everyday life. Including how to

  • Never pay full price for anything
  • Get freebies and make the most of free trials
  • Get discounts and deals
  • Earn money from cashback websites
  • Maximise loyalty cards and points
  • Recognise and avoid marketing tricks
  • Maximise the value of every £1
  • Maximise the Joy when you are spending
  • Know your rights as a consumer
  • Travel Business and First Class for less than Economy
  • Travel more for much, much less
  • Develop a healthy money mindset

The website shows you how to Spend Smarter and Travel Smarter. We believe that by sharing our experiences and easy doable actions you can also lead a richer, happier life.

Who is behind Mind over Money Matters?

I am Tracy and along with my husband Taz launched Mind over Money Matters to share our unique and easy ways of saving and spending money. We also focus on travel as that’s our passion.

As a Finance Manager I deal with money, customers and suppliers every day. This has filtered into my personal life, and what I’ve discovered is:

 I spend and view money differently to most other people.  This is why.

October 2016 we went on holiday to Cyprus, as we do a couple of times a year. The first evening there we went out for a meal and at the end of the meal I couldn’t move. I had to be helped (crying) out of the chair. My back had gone. I couldn’t sit for more than a few minutes, the pain was debilitating and constant. It was 6 months before I was physically able to return to working just a few hours a day. Since then we have adapted our lives to manage the chronic pain, feel free to email me for tips on living with back pain using the contact page here.

The knock on effect financially was a huge challenge

We went from 2 decent full time incomes before the holiday to effectively one. Although we were never profligate, our mortgage was huge and we lived (just) within our means. We had enough savings to keep us going for a couple of months but that was it.

I had plenty of time to figure out how to live, not just get by, but to continue living a full and happy life. Differently yes, with the obvious financial and physical challenges. This is what I have done. I am back working almost full time (with a standing desk and regular exercises).

We spend much less money on the same things that we spent money on before.

What has changed?

Looking back, like so many of you, we used to be so busy, rushing through every day, looking forward to the next holiday, or the weekend, not taking notice of what’s around us everyday.

There are small joys that pass us by unnoticed, or the money wasted on convenience food or things we could have got cheaper or better but we didn’t have time to shop around. We started to notice.

I was shocked at how much money we had been wasting on things that we could have got so much cheaper, or free, or with bonuses like Air Miles, or with cashback. We just didn’t know any different.

Taz is Cypriot and his parents live in Cyprus so we fly over a couple of times a year. We used to spend around £350 on a budget Airline economy flight each.

Now we know better, we choose to fly British Airways and either pay

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

Plato, The Republic

This is one of my favourite quotes. How many of us are spending money in the same way as we have always done because we don’t know any different?

Mind over Money Matters will show you new ways to spend your money.

Outside of work I’m inspired by the works of experts like  Dan Ariely – Professor of Behavioural Economics and founder of the wonderfully named Center for Advanced Hindsight. Martin Lewis – THE Money Saving Expert Guru and  Robert Burgess – Founder of the fab Head For Points Website.

We are members of UK Money Bloggers

Taz and Tracy UK Money Bloggers

The UK Money Bloggers are a community of bloggers and journalists who write online about personal finance and money saving. We are all passionate about helping our readers be in control of their finances and make the most of their money.

What Mind over Money Matters does is …Help you maximise your value and Joy when spending the money you spend in your everyday life.

We help to ensure the public are treated fairly by Companies who fob them off with incorrect information. Amazingly we got a refund from British Airways which was refused over 10 times, by taking court action and with the help of Helen Dewdney at ThisIsMoney . We have successfully fought a refused Section 75 claim with the involvement of the Financial Ombudsman. We produce guides and information that are essential reading including

We show you how you can spend your money – and remember that’s money you would spend anyway . Spending in a way that maximises value and maximises Joy – from the small spends to the Big Big ones.

What is a small spend?

An example of small, ok, my nails, love my nails, they are a Small Joy for me, but where I have them done is not the cheapest, or the nearest. It’s cash only, they’re closed on Sundays and their coffee is awful. However – It’s fun, l love a good catch up with the girls there, we have a laugh – It’s not just having the nails done, it’s the experience that’s worth paying a bit more for. They do have a loyalty card though –a little way to maximise value.

If you’re going to do something anyway – do it with maximum enjoyment.

What about the big spends?

Our major Joy is travel – new places, and new experiences. Take our trip to San Francisco. We know exactly how to maximise OUR Joy – relaxing in airport lounges, Premium Economy or Business Class flights, at least a 4 star hotel, a room with a view and a sofa and breakfast included.

When I first looked for 5 days in August with BA and Virgin Holidays, we were looking at between £6800 and £7500 all in. Ouch.

We don’t have £7500 to spend.

Now what people tend to do here is start to look for savings, maybe book economy, go for a shorter time, or downgrade the hotel. 

But this is sacrificing your Joy.

Why would we spend that even if we could afford it when we could get the same holiday for much, much less? Maximising value and maximising Joy.

Using research and clever techniques, we’ve booked this amazing San Francisco Holiday. Exactly what we want, with no compromises on our Joy. We paid less than £2,500 for the two of us. Not each.

That is exactly what Mind over Money Matters is about.

Look, there’s many brilliant blogs/websites out there showing you how to be frugal, save money and feed a family of 4 for £1.
However, I haven’t got much spare time or a nearby Lidl or an Aldi, so I’m not going to make an extra trip to save £10 on my weekly shop. Or tell you to cut out coupons to save 5p off a loaf of bread.

It’s about balancing the least amount of effort with the best result.

We show you how to get the most out of WHAT YOU DO ANYWAY.

Whatever your Joy may be, whether it’s everyday shopping, luxury travel, cheap flights, exploring different places, experiences or gifts. The theories work too. You can still get the best deals, maximum value and maximum Joy. This website shows you how, with links to fantastic specialist sites like Jacks Flight ClubTravelscoop and Head for Points

All you need to do is figure out what matters to you. Mind over Money Matters will show you the easiest ways to make it happen.


Think about your last holiday

Or trip, say you’ve just come back and I ask you how your holiday was. What is the first thing you say?
If it was “Awesome room, we got upgraded to a suite with an amazing view” Then that’s your Joy. Make sure your next trip includes the same.
Or was it a negative? Maybe a long queue at check in? Turn it around. You may not be able to change the situation but you may be able to flip your mindset . There’s plenty of people to talk to in the queue with you, some of them will be lovely.

What would you mention next? Your Joy is unique to you.

What can you learn from your memories?

Use them to learn your Joy and then you just need to boost it and add the value.

Mind over Money Matters shows you easy ways to elevate your spending and reach your goals without changing much of what you do.

I’ve just given you an idea here of what we’re all about.

There are regular blogs and updates, including life hacks and special features aimed at elevating Joy and maximising value. Plus travel tips and reviews to help you make the most of your trips. There’s also a fair amount of silliness for you to join in with and enjoy.

Some of our posts may include affiliate links which we receive a small commission whenever you buy through the links. So please support us if you are buying. This is at no extra cost to you and often we get you extra discounts or offers. Our opinion is our own and we will only bring you honest reviews and opinions. We only link to sites or products we use and recommend ourselves, whether affiliates or not .

Here’s a personal video introduction to me and Mind Over Money Matters. Welcome to our community.

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