We are thrilled to introduce our new series Mind over Money Matters loves…… where we share with you a #SmallJoy. What is a #SmallJoy? Well it could be something that brings happiness, makes us smile or makes our lives a bit better, easier or saves us money. First up is a fab new website cashbackangel, just launched, it’s such a genius idea. How it has not been thought of before is a mystery.

At the UK Money Bloggers Christmas drinks (which was in itself a #SmallJoy), we had the pleasure of meeting Angel. Angel is a professional web developer, the man behind cashbackangel.com which allows you to compare the different amounts of cashback and travel points you could earn from an online store through the different portals.

What is cashbackangel.com ?

CashbackAngel is a comparison site, free and no signing up needed. Firstly the site allows you to compare the cashback rate for over 7000 UK merchants, updating every day. This saves a whole lot of time faffing about, checking which site has the best rate. You just go to the site, choose your merchant (eg Hotels.com or Currys) and it displays the cashback rates for each site. We know cashback rates change often, sometimes cashback rates are better with one for a particular merchant, a week later they’ll be better with a different one. This makes it so easy to see which rates are better. There are also times you forget to check all cashback sites, or assume they will be the same and don’t bother. You can now make sure you are getting the best rate.

So what about those of us who use the cashback sites, then convert the cashback into Air Miles when there is a bonus? Or want to weigh up whether to get the cashback or get the Miles? Or Air miles / points collectors who could be earning Air Miles or Hotel Loyalty points when we shop anyway but don’t  because there’s just too many places to check. Read on…

CashbackAngel also shows the comparison for Air Miles and Hotel Loyalty points currently there are 3 hotel points and 7 Air Miles providers on there. This is the real #SmallJoy. If you are new to Air Miles or a light collector this means you can easily chose which portal to buy through, whether you prefer the cashback or by how many miles you will earn. You may be saving Air Miles towards a particular goal, this will show you exactly how many miles you’ll earn.

Let’s pick a couple of popular stores, JustEat and Currys. Go to CashbackAngel, type in JustEat and you will see all the rates. You will see that BA Executive Club are offering 4 Avios per £1, that’s a quick 120 Avios earned for a £30 takeaway by clicking through the right portal. Same with Currys 6 Avios per £1, but only 2 per £1 with Virgin Atlantic as there’s no offers on. A £400 Currys purchase would earn you 2,400 Avios.

For more experienced points and miles users. You can see how useful this can be. Say you were booking a hotel through booking.com and it was £1000. With CashbackAngel you could instantly see if booking via Air Lingus would give you 8 Avios per £1, and via BA it’s 6 Avios per £1 then you’d book through Aer Lingus and earn an extra 2000 Avios.  Or you may choose KrisFlyer Miles with their 30KF miles per $10  instead of the usual 19. Another day the offers may be different and you may go for the hotel points or another Airline.

You still have to choose what credit or charge card to put your purchase on to earn your points and miles. This site makes it easy to earn even more. Our miles have taken us to Tokyo,  New York, San Francisco and Cyprus. Where will you go? 

So you see why this is our #SmallJoy. Not only is the website easy to navigate and pleasing on the eye, cashbackangel is time saving , money saving and points maximising. Brilliant. 

Cashbackangel is also on twitter @cashback_angel tweeting out offers.  Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments.

If you are not signed up to quidco, here’s a fab sign up bonus. And here’s one for TopCashback. You can sign up to MyMoneyPocket here.  If you are already members then look for your ‘refer a friend’ link on each site – free cash for both of you.

Let me know in the comments when you’ve tried it and share your best cashback wins.

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