How to find the best deals when you book a Las Vegas Holiday. The Mind over Money Matters way of saving money, maximising Joy and maximising value.

Las Vegas is a destination where you have to start looking for deals way in advance of when you want to travel. There is a way of booking that gives you the best deal every time. Timing and patience are essential, as is knowing a good deal when you see it – and snapping it up.

Here’s a few useful articles if you have a holiday booked already.

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First steps to finding a great deal to Las Vegas

Las Vegas has such a huge array of hotels from budget to all out luxury and is a year round holiday destination so there are 3 elements to your trip which you need to decide on first.

What is your budget for your Las Vegas holiday? We have seen 5 night holidays for £400 or you can spend £1000’s. You can enjoy Vegas with a small budget. Most important is that you decide what your budget is and then find your holiday with that.

  • Hotel prices range from $30 a night with no resort fees to $100’s plus hefty resort fees.
  • Flight You can fly from the cheapest in Economy no frills with one stop, to Upper Class direct.

When do you want to go to Las Vegas? Any time of year Las Vegas is open and you will have a fantastic holiday. Decide what is most important to you and you will have flexibility.

  • Weather The weather in Las Vegas plays a big part in deciding when to visit. May to September is HOT. We visited in June and it was 40 degrees, we loved it. July and August are even hotter and you’ll find the hotels cheaper as it is scorching.
  • Hotel Facilities Vegas’ pool season is May-September so if you are looking for pool parties that’s the time to go. In winter – which is more like our spring – some pools turn into ice skating rinks.
  • Events and conferences These will always up the prices so unless you are specifically going for that event, then look at other dates / hotels.

Where do you want to stay in Las Vegas? If you have never been before then this is really important – do a lot of research. The Las Vegas Strip is 4.2miles long (6.8km). Downtown Las Vegas – Fremont street is 8 miles away, 10 minutes in an Uber. Off strip hotels are cheaper and away from the buzz.

  • Location Do you want to be mid strip? Off strip? Downtown?
  • Rooms Do you want luxury or somewhere decent to sleep.
  • Facilities Restaurants, casinos, pools, spas. What do you need from your hotel.
  • Activities Plan what you want to do in Vegas and pick somewhere near.
Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas View from Studio Terrace
Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

How to book your Las Vegas Holiday

So now you have a rough idea of when you want to go, where you want to stay and what your budget is. There is no ‘one way fits all’ answer, it’s a mixture of timing and searching. Which is actually fun and gives you ideas along the way. Follow these steps to getting your best deal.

Package holiday or separate flight and hotel booking?

You have to look at both to find the best deals for Las Vegas. Prices vary wildly, there don’t seem to be any patterns or logic.

There are big Customer protection and rights differences between package holidays and separate flight and hotel bookings that you need to be aware of, head over to our booking flight and hotels separately guide to read up on all the need to knows.

Look at the package holiday options and prices.

  • This is initially to give you a benchmark price and starting point
  • Do this first with one of these – British Airways Holidays, Virgin Holidays, Expedia and any other that you like.
  • Put in your preferred dates and choose your hotel and room.
  • Now change the dates slightly, going on a Sunday or Tuesday usually brings the price down. Try the week before or week after. You may have initially picked dates when a convention was on.
  • That’s your Anchor price. Now search for exactly the same with the other package holiday companies.

Next look at flight options for the same dates

  • Head over to Skyscanner and put your dates in, this will give you all the options, again play around with the dates, pick the best flights for you and note the cost, bearing in mind the extra case fees etc.
  • Also check google flights.
  • Then go directly to the Airlines website and check their price.
  • Have you got Air Miles? Check availability and fees and taxes.

Look at your hotel options for your dates

  • Again to give you an initial idea
  • As with the flights, first check with one of the websites or and for hotel only or whoever you like.
  • Put in your dates and room choice and make a note of the price.
  • Do the same with the other sites.
  • Go directly to the hotel website and check their offers for those dates.
Grand Canyon Skywalk
Grand Canyon Skywalk

Now you have your initial prices prices, what next?

You should have an idea of package vs separate costs. With one option coming out cheaper. Now you reduce the prices even further with these tips.

  • British Airway Holidays and Virgin Holidays. Wait for the sales. There are often sales – Summer, Winter, Black Friday, Boxing day. You know the cost now, recheck in the sales. You may find it is more expensive just before the Sale.
  • and etc Again, sales and special offers will come up. I will post deals and offers as they appear so do subscribe for updates.
  • Virgin Holidays 7% discount for flying club members.
  • app discount. This is usually between 5% and 10%
  • Cashback websites. Often have flash deals and extra cashback offers.
  • Cashback credit card. The Amex everyday card has 5% cashback (up to £100 offer)
  • Collect double Air Miles. Book on Amex gold travel rewards card for double miles on travel bookings. BA / Virgin card for double miles on their bookings.
  • Virgin Miles Booster. If you’ve booked with Virgin, earn your miles and boost them.
  • Book online It’s usually cheaper.
  • Comp rooms and freebies. Play myVegas for free, you earn rewards which can be exchanged for comp rooms, you just pay the resort fee.

Have a read of our journey booking our first Las Vegas holiday. We learned some (costly) lessons which you can avoid.

Jordon Cox – Britains coupon Kid, bagged a 5 night trip in February for less than £750 for two. There are great deals to be had. Check out my beginners guide to Air Miles on

What tips do you have for getting the best deals for your Las Vegas holiday. Share them here. We are all Vegas fans and are looking forward to going again. Especially as we won’t be returning this June.

The Venetian

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